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Travel Trailer Basics

RV Basics at Blue Dog RV

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What is a Travel Trailer?

The basic definition is a lightweight, towable RV that can be hooked up to a conventional ball hitch. There are many different sizes and features that a travel trailer can have, making this vehicle extremely customizable, so that anyone can get what they want out of it! Throughout the history of RVs, people have built and customized travel trailers in almost every way possible. No matter if you get a large travel trailer, small travel trailer, a luxe travel trailer, or a fifth wheel travel trailer, it will soon become your new best friend! If you're looking stay on a budget, check out new travel trailers under 15k!

Travel Trailer Floor Plans

From tiny 4ft teardrop trailers to massive 40ft monsters, there is a wide variety of travel trailer sizes, as well as floor plans. Choosing your RV floor plan depends on what you want to use it for, so there are a few options and features to consider. There are 5 popular travel trailer floor plans that people typically choose from.

Front Bedroom Floor Plans

The front bedroom layout is one of the most common RV floor plans. Many travel trailer floor plans, except for layouts with a rear bedroom of course, incorporate the “master” bedroom at the front of the RV. Depending on the size of the RV, there may or may not be other bedrooms or sleeping areas, but typically the main bedroom is put at the front of the RV to divide the sleeping space from the living space.

The front half is occupied by the master bedroom and bathroom, and the other half includes the kitchen, dining space, entertainment area, and more. The sizes of these bedrooms can vary, but they can be quite large and even feature additional storage space.

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Travel trailer with a front bedroom

travel trailer with a rear bedroom floor plan

Rear Bedroom Floor Plans

Although rear bedroom floor plans are much less common than front bedroom floor plans, they do have some similarities. Like front bedroom layouts, rear bedrooms often have a bathroom nearby, even if it isn’t connected. Because this type of floor plan will typically have a small slide-out, the front wall will usually boast a large countertop and cabinets for the kitchen. Or, it could even have an extra large living area with a mounted TV, couches, and chairs.

Either way, this floor plan still divides the RV by sleeping space and living space, even if those spaces can be a bit roomier. Full time RVers love this floor plan as it provides them more living space, especially with the additional slide-outs.

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Bunkhouse Floor Plans

The bunkhouse floor plan is by far one of the most popular floor plans amongst the camper community. Those who love to live the “RV life” know that having a “bunkhouse” is best for accommodating the most people possible, so they can always be sure to bring their family, friends, or both! Though these travel trailers still feature a master bedroom, the bunkhouse offers extra sleeping space in the form of bunk beds! Travel trailers with bunk beds are perfect for kids or any of their friends.

This travel trailer floor plan also boasts large living areas that often feature a variety of chairs and sofas, most of which can be converted into even more sleeping space. Because of all of the sleeping areas and extra space, these layouts are often the largest of the travel trailer floor plans.

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travel trailer with a bunkhouse floor plan

travel trailer with a rear kitchen

Rear Kitchen Floor Plans

Rear kitchen floor plans are less common than other travel trailer floor plans. Typically, kitchens are housed along the side wall of an RV’s living area or even in a slide-out, which gives the main living space more room. Having a rear kitchen will almost certainly mean that the bedroom is in the front of the RV, while the living space and dining area is in the middle. Although this floor plan is one of the most “uniform” layouts, the bathroom (or bathrooms) can be housed just about anywhere, but it will most commonly be found near the main bedroom.

This type of layout is best for people who value other RV features more than spaces to sleep. The kitchen will typically feature lots of counter space, room to work, and many overhead cabinets.

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Rear Entertainment Floor Plans

Rear entertainment floor plans mean exactly what it sounds like; the entertainment area is in the back of the RV. In most cases, this layout has a large open space in the back half of the RV and will boast a multitude of recreational features such as dining areas, sofas, theater seats, large chairs, surround systems, speakers, TVs, and more! Most of the time, they feature a u-shaped dinette as well!

They sometimes even come with a sofa bed! So, if needed, this space can be converted into a sleeping area, but the main function of this floor plan is to have the ability to accommodate a large group of people that want to hang out, have fun, eat, or even watch movies. These layouts typically include a full kitchen to keep the snacks flowing and the party well fed!

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Travel trailer with a rear entertainment floor plan

Murphy bed travel trailer floor plan

Murphy Bed Floor Plans

If you’re wondering what a Murphy bed is, it is a bed that folds into the wall. It is an amazing space saver, and it’s also very easy to operate when you’re ready to go to bed! You can have a Murphy bed in pretty much any kind of travel trailer floor plan, as it takes up almost no space and is easily customizable. Murphy bed floor plans are perfect for full time RVers or those who like to go RVing with their whole family or a large group of friends!

One of the best parts is that Murphy beds are not only easy to set up, but these beds are also easy to clean up! All you have to do is make the bed, fold it back in the way, and secure it! There is no better way to save space on your RV while adding more sleep room than a Murphy bed!

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Popular Travel Trailer Brands

There are many amazing travel trailer brands out there, but you have to make sure you go with one that is reliable and makes quality recreational vehicles.
Here is a list of some the best travel trailer brands you can buy from!

FAQs About Travel Trailers

Can you add a slide out to a travel trailer?

Yes, you can add a slide out to almost any travel trailer if you’d like to add space to your recreational vehicle. Though they are great for adding space, there are many more benefits as well.

How to jack up a dual axle travel trailer?

There is an essential RV accessory you need to jack up a dual axle trailer. Because they are so large and often weigh more than the average travel trailer, using bottle stands or jack stands can make the job much harder and even dangerous. In order to easily and safely jack up a travel trailer this heavy, RV experts insist that you must use a tire ramp. Since there are tire ramps made specifically for dual axle travel trailers, simply driving up the ramp correctly will do the trick! It’ll elevate your flat tire, so you can change it easily, quickly, and safely!

How much weight can a travel trailer slide out hold?

It depends on the size of your travel trailer, but slide outs can often hold 600 to 1500 lbs. Typically, the larger your RV is, the more weight its slide out can hold.

Can passengers ride in a travel trailer?

It depends on the state’s law, but most states prohibit anyone from riding in any type of towed camper or trailer. States typically include truck campers in these rules, as well. Since the law can vary, it’s important you check the rules of the road for whatever state you’re driving through.