What is the Best Type of RV for Hunting?

best rv for a hunting trip



Even though the main hunting seasons are wrapping up for the year, it’s never too early to start planning for next season. If you haven’t tried it yet, taking an RV or camper out with you on a hunting trip can be an excellent way to stay warm, eat well, and sleep comfortably while on a hunting trip. While there are many benefits to bringing an RV, there are some things you need to know while figuring out what RV for hunting you need for your trip!

Hunting from an RV takes a bit more planning than a basic RV camping trip. Let’s look at some good basic tips for RV hunting, and break down a few of the best RV brands to hunt in.

Campgrounds vs. Dry Camping: What’s the Difference?

There are two basic ways to camp in an RV, especially when hunting: you can stay at a campground with all the amenities of home, including running water, sewage and electricity hookups, and a community of neighbors; or you can “dry camp,” or “boondock.” Boondocking is simply taking your RV to a particular location, parking, and using it as a home base.

When boondocking, there are no neighbors or campground rules to worry about, but there’s also no water, gas, or electricity hookups to use when you need power. You’ll have to pack everything you’ll need with you, though that shouldn’t be too hard in an RV.

In fact, both options can be a great choice as long as you plan accordingly. If you’re staying at an RV campground, be sure to get a reservation in advance and check the rules to make sure it’s hunter-friendly. If you’re dry camping, make sure to pack the supplies you’ll need and find a good spot to park your RV. You might also need an RV type that’s designed for going off-road, so take that into consideration, as well.

Most of all, know the rules and regulations of the campground, county, and state that you’re planning to hunt in. You don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side, and hunter-friendly campgrounds are going to have different rules than recreational campgrounds. Whatever you do, make sure you prepare!

What Are the Best Hunting RV Body Styles?


fifth wheel rv for hunting

Fifth Wheels

To maximize your room for gear, storage, and relaxation, a fifth wheel camper is a great choice. It hooks into the U-shaped “fifth wheel” in the cargo bed of your truck, providing a strong link between truck and trailer that ensures your trailer will stay with you even when heading off the road.

Brands like Forest River with their popular model, the Cherokee Arctic Wolf, and Grand Design who makes an awesome RV model called the Reflection are great options if you’re looking for a fifth wheel truck camper that’s affordable and dependable on your hunting trips next season. Plus, fifth wheels are great all-around campers as well, which you can take with you wherever you vacation.





toy hauler for hunting

Toy Haulers

If you’re planning on taking ATVs or other light vehicles with you on your hunt, a toy hauler is what you need. Not only does it feature the advantages of a travel trailer or fifth wheel, it also includes a wide garage and ramp, making towing your toys easier than ever.

Most toy haulers’ rear ramps also double as a patio deck when you’re at the campsite, which is a great place to clean or grill your kill of the day. Excellent toy hauler models include Impact by Keystone, Momentum (especially the G-class) by Grand Design, and the Stryker by Cruiser RVs.





travel trailer for hunting

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are one of the oldest, and still are the most popular, types of non-motorized RVs on the market. They’re also called “bumper-pulls,” since they can be attached to the bumper of the towing vehicle, which can be anything from a car to a truck or SUV.

Travel trailers might not be the best for hunting far in the brush, since they’re not as tightly coupled to their tow vehicles, but if you’re planning to stay in an RV campground or want to take your RV on family vacations as well as hunting expeditions, these might be good for you. Grand Design travel trailers, Highland Ridge travel trailers, and Keystone travel trailers are some of the best of the best when it comes to travel trailers and their endurance and capability.




Campers, Travel Trailers, and Fifth Wheels for sale at Blue Dog RV

Before you head out on your next hunting trip, come see the toy haulers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels at Blue Dog RV to see if they’ll be a good addition to your gear. RVs make hunting more comfortable, easier, and all-around more enjoyable, so check out the RVs we have on stock today!

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