When is the Best Time to Buy an RV?

When is the best time to buy an rv?


Other than your house, an RV might very well be the largest purchase you ever make. As such, you’ll want to research everything about various options before you buy, from different makes and models, various types of RVs, and more. When you’ve figured out your dream purchase, you’ll still have one more thing to figure out about purchasing an RV: when is the best time to buy a new RV?

Much like anything else on the market, RV prices ebb and flow throughout the year as supply and demand surge at different times. Below, we’ve compiled the five best times to buy an RV for you to consider to get the best RV deals! You could even find RVs under $15,000!


buy an rv in the fall


1. Buy an RV in the Fall


Most folks begin winterizing and putting their RV away for the year come fall. This means that, for RV dealers, any inventory they have around September will probably stay put through March, which they don’t want. They’ll be more eager to offload some inventory for a cheaper price around the autumn months as a result.

Thus, Fall is a great time of year to begin negotiations to buy a new RV, especially if you’re in a colder state. If you buy in the Fall, you’ll still have time to winterize and tuck your new toy safely away before the snow hits, so you’ll be ready to go next year.


buy an rv in the winter


2. Buy an RV in the Winter


Buying an RV in the winter months, between December and February, has all the same benefits as buying one in the fall, plus salesmen are even more eager to get rid of their old inventory to make room for new models that are coming in the spring.

In Winter, there’s also less competition between you and other customers for the same rig, plus with end of year clearance, you’ll have more space to negotiate for additional accessories or upgrades for the same price.

Of course, you should keep in mind that an RV ordered during Winter might need to be hauled over salty roads, which can rust out the undercarriage. But if you get your timing right, you can hit the sweet spot of incredible pricing and a new RV delivery just before camping season! If you’ve got to choose between buying in the fall and winter, and you’re on a budget, winter is your best bet for a great deal!


buy an rv after they release a new model


3. Buy an RV When They Release a New Model

When a new model is released by a manufacturer, RV dealerships want to clear out the old models from their lots to sell it. That means they’ll usually be willing to make some deep cuts to their bottom line to make room.

Additionally, since RVs don’t usually change much from model to model like cars, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference! This fact alone makes this a perfect time to shop travel trailers, motorhomes, toy haulers, or fifth wheels!


buy an rv at the end of an rv show


4. Buy at RV Shows


With multiple trade shows around the country every year, and with special approval from management to give out deep discounts and be competitive, dealers can go a little nuts with the savings at RV shows.

For a hot tip, try to wait until the last day of a show to buy an RV: if a sales person hasn’t met their goals, they might be willing to do almost anything to sell you one! If you’re planning to go RV hunting at trade shows, then you’ve got all year to buy!


buy an rv on holiday weekends


5. Buy on Holiday Weekends


After RV Shows, holiday weekends are the next-best time to buy an RV. You might have to negotiate and negotiate hard, but you can secure really good discounts by doing so.

Like RV shows, on holiday weekends sales people are incentivized to sell and are approved to give bigger discounts. Plus, dealers use these weekends to clear inventory from their lot, so you’ll probably get a good deal.


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