Hymer Aktiv Class B Motorhome Review

hymer aktiv motorhome

Are you looking for a high quality class B motorhome that promises to meet all of your needs wherever you are? If so look no further than the delightful Hymer Aktiv Class B motorhome. This RV offers you the confidence … Continued

Thor Hurricane Class A Motorhomes: Travel in Comfort

Thor Hurricane Motorhome

Designed to provide you with a superior RVing experience, the Thor Hurricane class a motorhomes promises luxury from the moment you step inside. Exceptional construction, well laid out floorplans and a spacious interior all come together to provide you with … Continued

Have you seen the Post Falls Food Bank?

Have you ever went to the Post Falls Food Bank? I had the pleasure of going there and touring the building with Sherry Wallis, the Director. What a great place! I felt right at home the minute I walked in. … Continued

EverGreen Element: The Future Is Here

Remember when were kids and we saw the Jetsons on TV? We thought their cars were futuristic and we wanted them. One look at the Evergreen Element and you’ll think the future was now. Forward thinking design and aerodynamics to … Continued

Post Falls Little League

Post Falls Little League is in full swing now. And the Wild Blue Dogs (the team Blue Dog is Sponsoring) is doing great! They are having so much fun and learning team work. We at Blue Dog RV are so … Continued