RVing Apps: 5 Must-Have Apps for RVers

As the 2020 camping season draws near, set your sights on big adventures in a brand-new Cruiser Shadow Cruiser travel trailer for sale at Blue Dog RV, and start planning your next trip.  Camping has never been easier, now that everyone has a smartphone!  Today’s phones offer a variety of apps that make RVing easy and fun!  Check out our top 5 RVing apps below.

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Camp & RV AllStay

One of the highest-rated apps for RVers is Camp & RV AllStay.  This app makes it easy to find an opening at campgrounds, state parks, and more!  You’ll be able to find boondocking sites with great ratings from other RVers, for those late-night stays, and get the best deal on campgrounds in your area.



If you’re looking for a great way to make your road trip a part of the adventure, then RoadTripper is the app for you!  This app makes it easy to set up itineraries for your vacation, plan stops at unique places, and even discover new locations that are off the beaten path.  Make your next adventure exciting when you explore using the RoadTripper app.


Pinch those pennies like a pro with GasBuddy.  This app helps you find the best deal on your next fill up because when you’re saving on the little things, like fuel, you’ll have more to spend on the fun stuff!


Navigation today is easy, especially when there are so many navigation apps available at your fingertips.  One of the favorites among RVers across the nation is Waze.  This app is updated in real-time by other travelers, so you always have the most relevant information about your route.  If there’s an accident ahead, other users can update the app so that you can take a detour before you even hit the traffic.



A road trip just isn’t the same with a great playlist!  Make a playlist of all your favorite camping tunes using Spotify.  This app is available for free or premium, and allows you access to thousands of today’s top artists!  Plus, Spotify pairs well with Waze and allows you to receive hands-free updates about your route.

Make the most of your RVing trips by using your smartphone to improve your experience!  Contact us today to take home a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome for your family!

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