Should I Buy a New or Used RV?

Buying an RV is no small purchase and there are many factors to consider before deciding which RV is best for you. When starting your search for a recreational vehicle, you’ll likely have a list of things to consider, especially if you are a first-time buyer. One of the main factors you will need to determine is if you would like to purchase a new or used RV. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing either a new or used RV, your personal preferences and situation will be the ultimate determining factor. Read below as we walk you through the pros and cons of purchasing a new or used RV.

Are you considering a New RV?

Purchasing a New RV

Pros of Purchasing a New RV

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a new RV is simply that it is brand new. No one else has lived in this RV, you won’t have to worry about having miles on the odometer, and all of the systems and features should be in perfect working order. In addition, your RV will have all of the latest features such as integrated USB charging ports, LED lighting with motion sensors, or even pre-installed solar systems that are ready for solar panel installation.

When you purchase a new RV, you will find that a manufacturer’s warranty is included, giving you peace of mind when you find a kink within your RV. What’s more, whenever you purchase your new RV from one of our 13 Blue Dog RV locations, a Coast to Coast Lifetime Warranty is included with your purchase! This warranty covers various heating system components, suspension components, brake components, kitchen center components, water system components, LP gas system components, and roof/basement air conditioning components over the lifetime of you owning your RV.

When the time comes to purchase RV, you will likely know what kind of floor plan and layout you would prefer. Purchasing a new RV will allow you to have a large number of options and brands to choose from. Whether you’re looking to purchase a travel trailer, toy hauler, or fifth wheel, Blue Dog RV has a great selection of new RV models for you to choose from!

Cons of Purchasing a New RV

Buying a new RV isn’t for everyone. Although many shoppers would like to purchase a brand new RV, they may realize that the investment is not fit for their budget. When purchasing a new RV, you will be paying a premium price compared to that of a used RV. Your new RV will also be likely to face high depreciation over the next few years, so you won’t get nearly as much back if you decide to sell it.

When purchasing a brand new RV, you may also find that there are some kinks to work out. Keep in mind that you will have a manufacturer’s warranty your first year to take care of many of the unexpected issues, so don’t wait to get these things fixed.


Are you considering a Used RV?

Purchasing a Used RV

Pros of Purchasing a Used RV

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a used RV is that it will be cheaper than the same unit would be brand new. Of course, this all depends on if you have your eye on the exact same RV brand, type, and model for your new and used options to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. Buying a used RV means that the big hit of depreciation has already been taken, so you won’t have to worry about this financial burden. In addition to a cheaper purchase price, you will also find that you’ll have cheaper insurance on your RV.

When buying a used RV, it is likely that the previous owner has taken the time out to make upgrades to the RV. These upgrades may include electric jacks, fancy steps, generators, bigger TVs, and a variety of other things that will save you money and time that you would spend on weekend projects.

Cons of Purchase a Used RV

Unfortunately, there are also cons to purchasing a used RV. Since you aren’t purchasing a brand new unit, there is the possibility of wear and tear. Although this is expected when purchasing used, the extent of that wear and tear will depend on the used RV you have your eyes on. Keep in mind that some items in a used RV may need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, so you will want to factor this into your budget.

In addition to potential wear and tear, keep in mind that used RVs do not come with a factory warranty. Unexpected repairs can affect your budget, so you will want to keep this in mind when planning to purchase a used RV. To help with this, take a look at extended warranties offered by third parties.

If you have your heart set on a particular model, be prepared to be flexible with this if you’re purchasing a used RV. At Blue Dog RV, our 13 locations have an amazing selection of used RVs for sale. However, our inventory moves fast, meaning if you aren’t able to purchase your first choice, you may have to consider another brand or model year if we do not have more than one of your desired RV.

Purchase Your Next RV at Blue Dog RV

Ultimately, your decision to purchase a new or used RV will come down to your personal preferences and budget. While some customers prefer a new RV since they will be the first owner, other customers would rather save some money by purchasing used. Regardless of which decision you decide is best for your lifestyle, the team at Blue Dog RV is here to help you through the processes. Be sure to check our both our new and used inventory online, then stop by one of our 13 locations in California, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, or Pennsylvania!

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