5 Things First Time RV Buyers Should Consider

At Blue Dog RV, we understand that the process can become frustrating for first-time RV buyers searching for the right RV to suit their needs. Our team will ensure that you get all of the information and details you need to make your shopping experience a breeze. Read the tips below to help you get started on the researching stage!


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What type of RV works best for you?


The first thing you should ask yourself is what type of RV are you looking for? Towable and motorized (drivable) are the 2 main categories of RVs.

Motorized RVs, also referred to as motorhomes, are split into three separate groups of RVs. Class A is the largest, Class C is the second largest, and Class B is the smallest available. Class As are built on the chassis of a bus, Class Cs are built on the chassis of the truck, and Class Bs are built on the chassis of the full-size van. Some of the pros of purchasing a motorized RV include an easier set up and more room for your passengers to move around on the road. 

The alternative to motorhomes are towable RVs, and there are a range of towable RVs for you to choose from. Generally, they fall into the following categories: travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and toy haulers. From those three main models, there are various subtypes out there mixing components to better fit your needs. Pros of purchasing a towable RV include a lower price point and the convenience of having a detachable vehicle for running errands. 


What is your budget?


The cost of an RV depends on a few variations, such as size, brand and characteristics. When wanting to invest in a new RV, you should have a budget in mind to help assist you with your shopping experience and narrow down the different options available to you. RVs are designed dramatically differently, and the money you spend will effect which features you get. You may find that a lower priced RV that has less features is best if you will only use the RV on weekends; whereas long term travelers may need a more spacious and expensive RV for their needs. How much and how regularly you intend to utilize your RV are huge factors in your decision making process. 


Do you want a new or used RV?


Buying either a new or used BV both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

One advantage of purchasing a new RV means you will have a warranty of at least one year. This way, without the stress of paying for service, you would be protected when things break down. When purchasing new, you have full manufacturer guarantees, present day floor plans and adornments and a perfect, new beginning of your own. A disadvantage of purchasing a brand new RV is that the price point will be higher than a pre-owned RV due to all of its updated features.

Choosing to purchasing a used RV can be a huge money saver. Used RVs come at a lower price point, have less depreciation, and are overall more affordable. Cons to purchasing a used RV include outdated appliances, limited selection of a specific model, and previous owner(s).


How much space do you need?


As expressed above, you truly need to assess how regularly you will utilize this RV. There is a major distinction in living out of your RV and taking the family on several weekend trips. Space can be an immense factor when settling on a RV. Ask yourself, how much space will you need? There are floor plans to accommodate every need within the RV inventory at Blue Dog RV. Whether you plan to travel alone or with multiple others, there are options to choose from. If you need more room for your four wheelers or other weekend toys, you can even choose from a variety of toy haulers to give you the space you need. 


Find a Trusted RV Dealership 


It is important to always look for honest, reputable dealers for all RV transactions. Some RV businesses have been around for awhile, while others are younger. At Blue Dog RV we go through extra steps, such as including a Coast to Coast warranty with every new vehicle purchase, to give you the ultimate dealership experience. Our sales staff has gone through extensive training to ensure they are knowledgable enough to help you find the RV that fits your individual budget and needs. If you’re on the hunt for a trusted RV dealership, be sure to visit one of our dealerships in California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania, or Oregon!

Our friendly sales team would love to help you choose the right RV to fit your requirements. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to hear more information about a particular RV in our inventory! We are looking forward to working with you! 


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