Tips to Keep Your RV Organized

Because your RV is such a small space, figuring out a way to keep it organized and neat is incredibly important. Nothing is more frustrating than having to fish through piles of unorganized items to get to the one thing you need. Thankfully, these helpful RV organization hacks will keep you feeling comfortable and able to quickly find whatever you need.

Slide Out Drawers | You can easily add slide out drawers under various tables and even cabinets in your RV. This provides the perfect space to store games, magazines and small items like pens and pencils.

Slide Out Cutting Board | A slide out cutting board can help to not only create more space to prepare food, but can also serve as a countertop extension, which is helpful if you’re creating a buffet style layout while entertaining guests.

Milk Cartons | Use milk cartons to organize your closets. Designate certain cartons for shoes and others for outdoor gear. As a bonus these cartons stack easily on top of each other, you can organize up as opposed to around.

Velcro | Velcro can truly be your best friend. Use velcro to secure remotes to the inside of your entertainment center or along the side table.

Collapsible Items | Buy items that are collapsible. Collapsible colanders, storage items and other gadgets can help make the most of whatever space you have available to you.


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