Special Deal: Get 1 Free Year of Camping From Thousand Trails

RVing is all about family fun. There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with the family and making memories as you tour our gorgeous country. From the west coast to the east there is a lot to see and RVing is the best way to do it. It’s affordable. There’s no waiting for flights or worrying about lost bags. RVing is true freedom.

map showing thousan trails campgrounds
Thousan Trails offers you 5 Zones and over 190 campgrounds and RV resorts in the United States and British Columbia.

Now, when you buy an RV from Blue Dog you get 1 free year of camping from Thousand Trails. So in addition to having over 80 brands to choose from and over 1,800 RVs, you can now choose from over 190 camping locations in the United States and British Columbia.

Thousand Trails locations offer you fun, safety, and versatility.

When you buy from Blue Dog you get a Coast to Coast RV Warranty, world class service, and now the ability to take advantage of this amazing partnership.

The RV warranty covers:

Heating System Components | Furnace igniter, burner assembly, gas valve, gas leak detector, thermostat, thermocouple, blower motor, and PC board
Suspension Components | leaf and coil springs, shackles and bushings, and rubber suspension springs
Brake Components | Wheel cylinders, calipers, electric brake magnets, and hydraulic turbine and metal fittings.
Water System Components | Burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, pc board, heating system, shower assembly, traps, fittings, water lines
Kitchen Center Components | Range/oven burner assembly, burner valves, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, convection oven,ermostat, thermocouple, burner, igniter, PC board, ice maker, trash compactor, built-in coffee maker, build-in food processor, in-sink disposal
LP Gas System Components | Gas tanks, gas valves, tank gauges, LP lines and fittings
Roof/Basement Air Conditioning Components | Compressor, evaporator, condenser, capacitors, relays, expansion valve, control module and panel, reversing valve, blower fan and motor, pc board. Chassis air conditioning excluded.

thousand trails camping ground

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of RV for sale, contact us. We can answer any questions you have and make sure you’ve got the information needed to make the best decision for your needs.

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