RV Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Spring is finally here and the snow has started to melt! Like you, we can’t wait to get out to our RVs and hit the road. There’s hardly anything like the first trip of the season. It’s been a few months since you’ve seen the road and had the ability to go to your favorite lake or National Park. But there’s just one thing you have to do before you load up and take off: spring cleaning. Your RV has been sitting dormant for a few months and it’s probably in need of a good cleaning from top to bottom. Luckily enough, our partner at RV Outfitters has exactly what you need to clean up. Here are a few that we recommend.

AWNING CLEANERScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.16.29 PM

Let’s face it, your awning is gross. It’s been rolled up during the winter with rain and snow accumulating in it and that means there’s mildew and mold all over it. Plus, it stinks. It’s ok, we’re all a little guilty of letting our awning maintenance fall by the wayside. The best way to combat it is to get yourself some awning cleaner. Take the time to roll it out and put some elbow grease in it to get that mildew, mold and stink off of it. You’ll thank yourself later, especially in the hot summer months when that smell can pierce through anything.

CARPET CLEANERScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.23.35 PM

All that mud and dirt that you’ve tracked in your RV has been just sitting there and, more than likely has been stomped and stepped in even deeper into your carpet. We see it all the time, carpets with unknown stains, smelly RVs caused by dirty carpets and completely ruined and unusable carpets caused by not keeping it clean. Your RV is your investment, so you need to keep it clean. Get some carpet cleaner and go to town on those pesky stains.

GLASS CLEANERScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.24.50 PM

The windows in your RV are the links to the outside world. You spend lots of money and lots of time having the ability to travel across the country and see places you’ve never seen. Why would you want to muddy that up and not be able to see out of your windows? It’s been particularly bad this year with the tree sap covering just about anything outside. My car sits in the parking lot right now and it’s covered in tree sap! The best way to get rid of it is by using a specially formulated glass cleaner. Not only will you get that gunk off of your windows, but you won’t leave any streaks! It also doubles as a stainless steel cleaner, metal and mirrored surface cleaner. I keep a bottle of it in my RV at all times.

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