Preparing Your RV For Winter Storage


Getting your RV prepared for winter storage is an important part of yearly maintenance. Winterizing your RV is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s what protects your RVs pipes and plumbing from costly winter damage freezing water can cause. Protecting your RV’s exterior and interior, though, are also important because not doing so can hold you back from enjoying your RV come next spring. To help you protect your RV while it’s being stored, we put together a helpful list of tips.

Protect Your Tires | Once your RV is parked you’ll want to make sure you protect your tires from the damage sun can cause. Buy tire covers to keep the sun from causing the rubber to degrade. It’s also important on a month basis to make sure you turn your RV’s tires. This is particularly important to do with motorhomes.

Check Seals | Check the seals on your roof, slides, and windows to ensure moisture can’t get into your RV and cause mold and mildew build up or rot your floorboards. Open seals can also invite pests seeking a warm home for the winter, which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Clean | Give the inside of your RV a detailed cleaning. Remove all perishable goods and any items like sheets and pillows that might need to be washed before the next camping season. If, by any chance, a mouse finds its way into your RV at least it won’t have food to feed on or extra bedding to make a nest in.

Detail | Detail the exterior of your RV. Wash and wax it. Take this time to inspect it for any issues. Scrub away bugs and grime that could cake on even further and cause damage come next spring.

Winterize | We talked about this a little earlier in this post, but we can’t stress enough how important winterization is. If your pipes and holding tanks have water in them and it freezes, it can expand and cause them to break. Come spring you’ll not just have a watery mess, you’ll have thousands of dollars worth of damage to undo.

Here at Blue Dog RV our experienced RV service team can help you prepare your RV for winter. Contact us with questions or for help determining what your next steps should be.

Photo Credit: By Mop.png: AwOc derivative work: Blleininger (Mop.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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