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The 2014 Cricket travel trailer allows you to enjoy the convenience of RVing, without the big bucks that larger travel trailers cost. In fact, when it comes to accommodating adventurers, this travel is just the right size for those who don’t want to haul a larger, heavier travel trailer, but also feel a tent is too small to meet their needs. If you’re interested in learning more about this innovative product, read our Cricket Travel Trailer review.

interior cricket travel trailer

At a Glance

When you first look at Cricket it might seem a little out of this world. It features a unique exterior that doesn’t resemble what you’re used to seeing in travel trailers. Despite what it might look like from the outside, Cricket is actually quite generously sized inside. The maximum interior height is 6’4″, which means most people can fit into it comfortably. 12 gallon fresh and grey water capacity mean less filling up when you stop and less dumping when your tank is full. Its interior maximum width is 6’3″. With Cricket you can rest confident you’re getting a trailer that truly meets your needs, but doesn’t include a ton of extras you won’t be using.


More and more RVers are seeking simplicity. If you’re one of those RVers chances are you don’t want all the add ons that increase not just the cost of your RV, but also its weight. In fact, this travel trailer can be towed by most 4-cylinder cars and is compact enough to fit in your garage, so no worrying about having to pay for RV storage when you aren’t using it during the winter.

Simple Set Up

Setting up and taking care of your Cricket has never been easier. A simple to use push handle lifts and closes the roof in second, while marine grade cushions and high quality, durable flooring makes cleaning up a breeze.


Although Cricket is made to be compact and lightweight, it isn’t light on storage options. Standard roof rails accommodate most cargo systems, while 8.6 cubic feet of storage can be found under the counter and kitchen cabinetry. An additional 12 cubic feet of storage is found in under the bed storage. Wall hooks, ceiling spine tie down points and bungees all make storing your items easy and convenient.

Take It Anywhere

Cricket was created to be towed to even the most remote destinations. In addition to its compact design, this travel trailer was built to handle high vibrations (up to MilSpec 810G for trailers). Its 15″ wheels and torsion axle with breaks also makes traversing across rough terrain easier without hurting your suspension or overall integrity of the unit. So go ahead, plan a trip to go mountain biking in the Rockies, you can take your Cricket and just enjoy the ride!

There’s much more to love about this travel trailer. Contact us for help or view our Cricket inventory and floorplans online.

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