5 Reasons to Own a Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV has made a name for themselves in just 8 short years. This impeccable accomplishment was achieved through years of prior experience in the field and a burning dedication to creating a business that cherishes personal connections with customers, employees, and dealers. Grand Design RV’s business model of honoring quality over quantity has led to its unparalleled growth. Blue Dog RV is proud to show you what makes Grand Design RVs our most prized units on the lot.

Grand Design RV Dealer

1. Superior Quality

Grand Design RVs are designed to stand the test of time. Every Grand Design RV is designed to be your best long term investment. This has been achieved by meticulous design planning, the inclusion of more features than ever before, and ensuring every material used on the interior and exterior of each RV is of the highest quality. From a deep-seated stainless steel farmer’s sink, laminated aluminum framed construction, and rust-resistant aluminum entry steps, your Grand Design RV will last a lifetime.

2. Attention to Detail

Grand Design RVs are created in an “inch by inch” process. Every part used in building a Grand Design RV is thoughtfully chosen to provide the best performance possible. To show how much they believe in their product, every RV includes a five-year warranty on all heavy-duty tires to ensure your camper is running on the best wheels and a three-year limited structural warranty on the entire RV! Grand Design RV cares about its customers even after they leave the lot.

3. Fully Enclosed Underbelly

We know the pains of having a poor quality underbelly. From extreme losses in heating and cooling, allowing critter access into the home, freezing plumbing lines, and buckling floorboards, the list is never-ending. Every Grand Design RV is equipped with double insulated flooring and a fully enclosed, heated, and insulated underbelly for optimal protection from the elements. Grand Design RVs are made with you in mind, this is an RV you can take from the Tundra to the Desert without any issues!

4. Class-Leading Pass-Through Storage

Taking the RV out for just a few days can still mean you’re packing a large load. Whether it’s groceries for the whole family or a case of overpacking, we know everyone could always use some extra storage space. Every Grand Design RV has strategically placed plumbing and electrical wiring around the storage area to ensure the maximum usable storage space possible. So feel free to bring everything for an extravagant meal or pack the extra bag — a Grand Design RV has you covered!

5. Pre-Delivery Inspected

Every Grand Design RV goes through a strenuous inspection process. Each unit goes through a series of quality inspection gates during the manufacturing process. Once completed, the RV undergoes a comprehensive final finish inspection. From here, most manufacturers ship their units on to the dealer for retail sale. Grand Design RVs are shipped to a separate pre-delivery inspection facility where they are put through a 250+ point inspection. It is only after this final inspection that the units are ready to be shipped to Blue Dog RV.

Blue Dog RV is Your Grand Design Headquarters

At Blue Dog RV, our goal is simple. We want to continue leading the industry with quality products while improving the customer’s RV experience before, during, and after the sale. View our new Grand Design RV inventory in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, and Idaho to get started! We strive for nothing less than customers for life and would be honored to personally welcome you to the Blue Dog RV family. Plus, with the purchase of every new RV, you get our Coast to Coast lifetime warranty as our gift to you! Visit us today or give us a call so we can get you on the road to the adventure of a lifetime!

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