What do you use your RV for?

This week we got the privilege of camping at Spokane Jr livestock show. There were was seemed like a sea of RVs all over the fair grounds. Actual totals were 722 registered campers.
While this is a lot of people. It got us thinking, What do people use their RV for? We have always used ours for camping in traditional campgrounds with electrical hookups. Although we really want “full hookups” of water, electric and sewer. We are often coined as “glampers”. We like the comforts of home to take with us. But as we talked with hundreds of campers this week we realized there are many uses.
We talked to the campers who are “hard core” show families. These families take their RV everywhere to livestock shows and stay. Some families said they have never stayed in a hotel. They love to have the comforts of a familiar place to call home. They travel all spring, summer and fall to fairs and shows. These families often choose to have a generator just in case the grounds are not equipped with electric hook ups.
Then there are the families like us that mostly use their RV for camping in camp grounds and a few shows. They are always looking for the place where they can plug in! We camped next to Joyce and her family and talked about trying to meet up at the Spokane interstate Fair. Her family is loving their Aspen trail that they purchased from Blue Dog a few years ago.
But that isn’t the only two types.
There are the people that use the RV when they are at work in a location that is several hours from home. They can work far from home and still feel like they have a place of their own. We had the privilege of talking to a few campers who came to watch the kids show. They stay in North Dakota for work and were going home to Oregon after the show. They are loving the Voltage they bought last year from Blue Dog.
And we talked to the full time travelers. The people that love to see the country and find the place that fits them at the moment to land and stay. They had such great stories to tell this week about other parts of the country. One had just come from Texas and is loving the great northwest right now.
The one we had never thought of is the family we talked to that is looking to buy a new RV for family to use when they visit. What a great idea, a guest house! We loved visiting with them about how they plan to use the RV.
Overall we learned, there is more and more ways to use your RV all the time. We are excited to get out and start visiting even more campers as the summer starts. A big thank you to the Spokane Jr Livestock show for allowing Blue Dog to provide coffee each day to these dedicated parents out supporting our youth as they work hard to show their animals. We loved visiting everyone and look forward to next year.

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