Things You Never Thought You’d Use Your Toy Hauler For

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Toy haulers are some of the most versatile RVs out there. In addition to being offered as both travel trailers and fifth wheels, these unique RVs are a great choice for anyone who wants to use their RV as more than just a place to relax and unwind from the pressures of life. In fact, toy haulers have been known to be used for a variety of other things. Learn more about just how versatile these RVs are below.

Home Office | We can’t all live on the road full time, but that doesn’t mean your toy hauler has to sit vacant whenever it isn’t being used on the road. Thanks to their garages these RVs make a great home office when parked in your driveway or backyard. You can bring in your own furniture and set up the garage to be the perfect working space for you.

Workshop | Do you enjoy painting or woodworking? The convenience of having a large work space that is easy to clean makes your toy hauler’s garage the perfect place to get your craft on, without worrying about staining carpet or dirtying up the garage.

Play Room | If you’ve got children this is probably the option you’ll go with. Pad the ground with play tiles, add some shelving for toys and blocks, and watch your kiddos enjoy the perfect space to express their creativity, use their imagination, and have a great time. Using it as a play room also is a great way to keep the kids entertained on those rainy camping days, which unfortunately we all encounter.

Repair Shop | A lot of people don’t have garages. Buying a toy hauler gets you a garage, in addition to a house on wheels. You can use the garage to make repairs to your car and store tools. You can even store seasonal items in your toy hauler when it isn’t being used.

Man Cave | You probably want to relax, smoke a cigar and enjoy a drink with your friends, but your wife likely doesn’t want you doing that in the house. Use your toy hauler as a man cave! Set up a card table, open the windows, and enjoy time with your friends without upsetting your wife.

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