Starcraft Solstice Fifth Wheels: 3 Features for Better Travels

Lightweight and full of high quality features, the Starcraft Solstice fifth wheels here at Blue Dog RV are the perfect blend of comfort and easy travel. Check out some of the top features that people love and see just why this could be the perfect camper for you!

Starcraft Solstice Fifth Wheels
Take a look inside our Starcraft Solstice Fifth Wheels!

Easy To Tow

Towing a super lite like the Starcraft Solstice will be a breeze. The lightweight design makes it possible to be towed by a half-ton truck, so you can easily haul it without having to go out and purchase an all new, huge truck. Plus, the less weight on the back of your vehicle will allow you to get better gas milage, and the Easy Turn aerodynamic front cap and built in electric brakes add even more safety and security when you are traveling.

Perfect Family Sizes

Starcraft Solstice Fifth Wheels Interior
Get a spacious design with dual opposing slides.

With floorplan options having two or three slides, the Solstice fifth wheel is sure to come in the exact size you need for your family. Sleep anywhere from five all the way up to nine people, so whether your group is large or small, you can find a space for each person. Some floorplans will even come with a set of huge, queen bunk beds for the perfect sleeping solutions for all.

Every Comfort of Home

Starcraft Solstice Fifth Wheels Kitchen
Feel right at home anywhere you travel.

Last, but not least, you are sure to be impressed by the large amount of residential quality comforts you will get in this super lite camper. The kitchen will come with every appliances you need including a residential-style, high rise faucet and decorative backsplash. And with a full bathroom complete with radius, glass door shower and porcelain toilet as well as a residential quality living room with cable and satellite ready LED TV and stain and soil resistant carpet, you will right at home everywhere you travel.

Our Starcraft Solstice fifth wheels come packed with every amenity you want for a comfortable RVing trip in a lightweight package that is easy to tow. To find out more information, be sure to contact us or feel free to stop on by one of our locations today!

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