Starcraft AR-One Travel Trailer: The Perfect “Entry Level” Model

Oftentimes, the Starcraft AR-One travel trailer is seen as the perfect “entry-level” option. Its affordable price, size, weight, and amenities make it perfect for those people who are just getting starting with the RV lifestyle. Plus, with nine different floorplans including expandables and slideouts, you will truly be able to pick the option that has anything you could possibly want.

Starcraft AR-One Travel Trailer
Perfect for new RVers…The Starcraft AR-One Travel Trailer!

The designers of the Starcraft AR-One took extra care on both the interior and the exterior to make sure they were putting out a quality product with features that make RVing life better. For example, as with many RVs, water damage is definitely something you should think about anytime your camper is exposed to the elements. However, this travel trailer comes with upgrades that help stop water damage before it starts. With the AquaShield Aqualon water-repellent tent and rain guttering with drip spouts, there will not only be a barrier against the water, but the camper will also work to divert the water.

The interior of this Starcraft will be just as impressive as the exterior. The slideout and expandable portions will help make a spacious interior that also feels cozy and comfortable. There will be certain additions that just make things a little nicer inside such as the extra large picture window next to the booth dinette. This will allow more natural light and make the interior seem larger. The Dehco stain resistant carpet is another great feature, because it adds comfort and style that will not get dirty easily.

Starcraft AR-One Travel Trailer Interior
Find all the space you need inside!

As a first time RVer, you will want to get something manageable and affordable that still brings style and comfort to the camping world. With the Starcraft AR-One travel trailer you will get all of these things. Feel free to contact us or stop by our location to take a look inside one of these or any other of our new and used RVs to get the vehicle that will start your RVing life off right.

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