RV Vacations Save Money

We all know RV vacations save money, but do you know how affordable they can be for families? A recent study commissioned by RVIA and conducted by PKF Consulting USA shows just how affordable RVing truly is. The study compared the cost of RVing for parties of two and four. The party of four would include two adults and two children. Each trip analyzed would last 3, 7, and 14 days and major costs including food, gas, and housing costs were compared.

Different forms of travel were compared, including a folding camping trailer, a lightweight travel trailer, a compact motorhome, a type C motorhome, and a type A motorhome. According to RVIA, “The type A motorhome was used for comparison to first-class travel options such as flying first class, renting a premium car, staying in upscale hotels/resorts, and eating meals in restaurants.”

At the end of the study RVing proved much more affordable than traditional travel methods. Regardless of the RV type you travel in, you’re sure to save a ton of money when you plan your RV vacation.

Here’s the savings breakdown.

A four-person travel party saved:

• Folding camping trailer – 47-62%

Lightweight travel trailer – 34-53%

Compact motorhome – 27-48%

• Type C motorhome – 28-48%

• Type A motorhome – 38%

A two-person travel party saved:

• Folding camping trailer – 38-48%

• Lightweight travel trailer – 23-36%

• Compact motorhome – 19-32%

• Type C motorhome – 15-28%

• Type A motorhome – 14%

In addition to saving money on your vacation, RVing offers a ton of other perks.


With RVing you never have to worry about coordinating flights, scheduling rental cars, checking out in time, or losing baggage. You get to determine when you come and go. You can cook your own food, see what you want to see, and relax when you want to relax. You get to call the shots!


Let’s face it: hotels aren’t always the most comfortable. They’re an unfamiliar environment and you just never know how clean they are. With RVs, you get to choose the bed you sleep in, bring along your own pillows and blankets, and just enjoy living in your own space and not having to share walls with strangers.

Interested in learning more about how RVing can meet your family’s needs? Contact us to learn more or stop by to speak with our experienced sales team. With four RV dealerships you’re sure to have a location near you.

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