RV At Dosewallips State Park

Dosewallips State Park, located about 60 miles north of Olympia, is an absolutely stunning state park with tons to offer families. The diverse area features beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, and deltas, which means theĀ opportunities for fun are endless. From hiking to clam digging to fishing to pretty much anything else you can think of, you’ll love every minute spent at this park. According to the website, “The campground has 75 tent spaces, 48 utility sites, three platform tents, twelve cabins, one dump station, three restrooms (one ADA), and two showers (one ADA). Maximum site length is 40 feet (limited availability). During winter months (Dec. 1 through March 1), the campground is winterized and only sites 21-29 have water. Winter water supply is still available.”

mt. constance dosewallips
Credit: By BlueCanoe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12568972

Water Activities

dosewallips river

If you consider yourself part fish (or just enjoy eating fish), then you will love the array of water activities available to you at the park. Remember to check with park rangers and state officials to ensure you have all the proper licenses and are following regulations when it comes to activities. This is an important part of maintaining the local ecosystem. Per the website, “A recreational license is required for fishing and shellfish harvesting at Washington state parks.”


  • Boating (freshwater/saltwater)
  • Clamming
  • Crabbing
  • Fishing (freshwater/saltwater)
  • Oysters


5 miles of hiking trails of varying difficulties are available to you for your enjoyment. If you like to head out with the kids, this is the perfect length of trails to enjoy as a family. And you can always cut the various trails short by turning around at certain check points.

Wildlife Viewing

Bring your camera when you head to Dosewallips. Whether you stumble upon one of the many elk herds or spot a bald eagle, you’ll delight in the various sights to be seen. Remember to stay 100 feet away from wildlife (bring a zoom lens just in case) and never feed the animals. One of the beautiful things about Dosewallips is the fact that it has so many animals that are protected and available for you to enjoy.

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