Malad Gorge State Park

Malad Gorge State Park is located in Hagerman, Idaho. This stunning park is just over 400 acres. The Malad Canyon is 2.5 miles long and 250 feet deep. You can easily access this state park because it’s right off Interstate 84. Hop out of the car and view the canyon or walk along the rim. You’ll get Instagram worthy photos if you head over to a slender bridge that arcs across the canyon. If great photos are what you’re looking for then be sure to stop by the many springs, ponds, and streams that span the park.

1074 E 2350 S
Hagerman, Idaho, 83332

Getting Into The Park

map of Idaho

Technically, Malad Gorge is one of five parks in a larger state park. It’s easy to miss. Many people drive right over it due to its proximity to the interstate. But keep and eye out and you’ll be wowed. Pull off into the park and for $5 per car you’ll get stunning sights, as well as the chance to stretch your legs.


ruby mountains
Ruby Mountains – example terrain

The terrain around the Gorge is rocky, with little brush. As a result, make sure you’re wearing good shoes and that you bring plenty of sunscreen. You won’t find many trees to take cover under. Remember to grab the map at the gate and take yourself on the self-guided tour. You’ll learn about the history of the area and be given insider facts others might not get to know.

The Best Time to Visit

Spring time is the best time to visit this park. Snow is melting and the water is in full force. You’ll see the waterfall gushing, as well as the gorge below rocking with large billows of water. Talk to a park ranger if you want to go white water rafting, as there are strict guidelines for activities in the gorge.

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