How to De-Winterize Your RV This Spring

Spring has sprung and it is now time to De-Winterize your RV! Blue Dog RV is here to tell you how to transition your RV from the cold winter months to Springtime! With warmer weather coming up, we want to make sure your RV is ready to safely hit the road! Here are a few ways to De-Winterize your RV and get it ready to take out on your adventure after the wintertime.


1. First, Check Your Tires.

Whether your RV was in storage or simply out in the colder temperatures, you are going to want to be sure to check your tire pressure before hitting the road. During these colder months, your RV is expected to lose air pressure gradually. Driving your RV on lower air pressure can lead to avoidable issues. Be sure to check your air pressure and fill up your air pressure if needed to ensure safety on the road!

2. Clean out RV Antifreeze

Depending on where your RV was parked over the cold months, you most likely used RV antifreeze to ensure safe pipes in your unit. If so, your unit’s pipes will need to be flushed of RV antifreeze before getting back to traveling. Doing this will allow clean water for cooking, drinking, and washing!

3. Charge your Battery

If you haven’t used your RV much during the winter, chances are your battery has been cold and untouched. Before charging, make sure your winter covers are removed. This charging process may take some time depending on the size of your RV and its batteries.

4. Check for Leaky Pipes

Before preparing your RV water system to be taken out on the road, you’ll need to check your pipes for any leaks. Simply locate a leak by checking all pipe systems under sinks, as well as hidden leaks. Make sure to check for this after winter and get it fixed before getting back on the road to avoid RV water damage!

5. Replace Your Propane Tanks

If your RV uses propane, you are going to need to reinstall them on their mounts and connect the tanks back to your rig. Make sure to check your propane tanks for any leaks, and to make sure that they are secured and tightly connected to its system. If your RV is equipped with a refillable propane tank, you can take it over to a propane tank station to be refilled!

6. Check Your Appliances!

After reinstalling your propane tanks, you will want to make sure that your propane appliances are working properly. You are also going to want to check and test your volt-appliances such as your microwave and air conditioning! You are definitely going to want to remember to do this as it will only be getting hotter as summer approaches!

7. Inspect your Engine

Before getting on the road again after winter, you will want to check your engine. Additionally, you should start up your RV and make sure your lights, taillights, wipers are all functional. To check your engine, you should inspect your engine fluid levels, and make sure all controls are functioning properly. You can check your power steering, transmission, engine oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. This is an essential step of de-winterizing your RV and ensuring safety before your adventure!

8. Replace your Filters

To maintain your RV and get it ready for Spring travels, you are going to want to change out all of your air and water filters. These filters collect and trap dust all season long, so be sure to clean these out to prepare for use during the spring and summer months. Replacing your filters not only helps save energy but also allows for cleaner airflow during your ride in your RV.

9. Check Your Safety Devices!

Before taking your RV out for a trip, ensure that all of your safety equipment is working and up to date. Replace batteries in any of these battery-operated systems. This includes, but is not limited to your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, and your fire extinguisher. Your best bet is to make sure these devices are still functional, up to date, and work properly! This is another important step to de-winterizing your RV and ensuring safety in your vehicle!

10. Check Your Windows and Vents

To get your RV spring ready, you want to make sure that you have proper airflow throughout your RV. This proper airflow guarantees to keep you cooler during the warmer months approaching as well as ensuring lower humidity throughout your RV. Again, this is an important step in de-winterizing your RV and ensuring cool, clean air!

These 10 steps to de-winterize your RV are extremely important in getting it ready for the warmer spring and summer months ahead! To make sure your RV is safe and up to speed, make sure to complete the following steps before your adventures begin. Once you are finished de-winterizing your RV and no other issues arise, you are ready to go! Let your adventures begin! Stop by or call Blue Dog RV if you have any other questions about de-winterizing your vehicle or if you are in the market for a new or used RV!

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