Getting Your Kids Excited About RVing

RVing is fast growing as a popular family activity. It’s no longer known as an activity for those who have a ton of extra money to spend or retirees. RVing is a great choice for families. In fact, a recent study sponsored by RVIA shows parties of four can save up to 62% on a family vacation. Your kids, though, might not know much about RVing. So, how can you get the kids excited about RVing? Read on to learn more.

Take Them Shopping

Once you and your spouse have agreed upon the RV you want, take the kids shopping with you. If they’re old enough, give them a list of what you want your unit to have and let them explore. Kids love to feel like they’re a part of the buying process. Give them the opportunity to share their input on what they might want.

Show Options

Kids need to be given a vision. Show them what all RVing can mean to them. Let them go online and learn about what camping is like. Show them videos. Take them to the National Parks Service website to get an idea of the incredible sites they’ll see and what they’ll be able to do when on the road. From fishing to swimming to camping to hiking, there’s something for everyone.

Let Them Plan

Let the kids plan your first RVing trip. What are their hobbies? What do they enjoy? By letting them plan the first trip, they’ll get excited about taking part in the planning process and seeing all the sites the read about. A lot of the sites you get to see while RVing are historical sites your children have likely learned about in school. The idea of their education coming to life is something kids can’t resist. Use their planning as an opportunity to also remind them of our nation’s history.

Getting the kids excited about RVing is all about keeping them involved in the process. After all, in everything in life we like to feel like we play a part in the success of a process. It’s what motivates and keeps us going.

Photo Credit: By Lucyin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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