EverGreen Element: The Future Is Here

Photo Courtesy of GoEverGreenRV.com
Photo Courtesy of GoEverGreenRV.com

Remember when were kids and we saw the Jetsons on TV? We thought their cars were futuristic and we wanted them. One look at the Evergreen Element and you’ll think the future was now. Forward thinking design and aerodynamics to increase your fuel economy and keep a straighter track are hallmarks of the Element. But it’s not just a great RV on the outside!

6 sided, vacuum laminated, welded aluminum construction and vacuum laminated, welded aluminum sidewalls, roof and floor means your the Element is built to last. Not only are they built to last, they’re built to reduce the environmental impact used to manufacture them. Recycled materials, replacing tropical hardwoods with composites, and lightweight design mean less waste, and less energy to get where you’re going. The Element series is, on average, 20% lighter than similar models.

With 2 slides, room for 4 sleepers and plenty of storage space, you wont have to worry about running out of personal space. An 80″ innerspring mattress ensures that after a long day at the lake or on the trails, you can get your rest without tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. If you’re a fan of showers with plenty of space to spread out without hitting your elbows on the glass and walls, then the Element is what you need. A resort-style shower comes standard in every Element model. Pass through storage underneath the unit means you can pack just about anything you want to take with you and it’ll fit! Always a bonus for me, because I prefer taking too much instead of not enough! A kitchen island, wrap around sofa and entertainment center are just a few of the appointments that EverGreen has given the Element series of RVs.

Check out the 28RLSS online and come by to check it out in person!

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