Dutchmen Aspen Trail Review: Lightweight and Comfortable

aspen trail exterior

Aspen Trail travel trailers have experienced rapid growth since their debut, and it’s no wonder why. These travel trailers are lightweight, yet designed to meet your family’s unique vacation demands. From the mini travel trailer that’s perfect for couples and individuals to expansive bunkhouse options, you will love everything this RV has to offer you. Read our Aspen Trail review to learn more about what these RVs are made out of.

interior aspen trail


At the top of most RVer’s list of important is fuel efficiency. Although RV vacation are still much less expensive than traditional vacation, fuel can still eat up a decent percentage of your budget. Aspen Trail was design to provide maximum comfort with minimum fuel consumption. Each unit features an aerodynamic front profile that pushed air up and over the front wall and roof. This not only improves your fuel efficiency, but also gives you a superb towing experience.


Your bedroom is your oasis. It provides peace and comfort to you when you aren’t out hiking or fishing on the lake. That’s one reason why Aspen Trail put so much time into designing their bedrooms. Each one comes with a walk around queen sized bed. Hanging closets allow you to store your clothing without worrying about it getting wrinkled, while generously sized closets and ample storage space mean you can bring along more creature comfort items, without taking up your living space.

Plenty Of Space

From the smallest unit to the largest, there’s plenty of living space for you to enjoy in these RVs. Mega slides are over a foot wider than traditional slides and offer 6′ ceilings to provide a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. Sliderooms include an oversized 83″x48″ U-shaped dinette and a 68″ fold down sofa, so you can sit down to enjoy a home cooked meal with the family and then bed down for a great night’s rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Apsen Trail, view our selection online or contact us. We also offer RV service, and RV Parts.


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