Dosewallips State Park: A Fun Name, An Even More Fun Park

Besides having a name that’s really fun to say (go ahead and give it a try), Dosewallips State Park is an absolutely stunning state park located in Brinnon, Washington. Just 60 miles north of Olympia, Washington, this state park offers a variety of fun activities for the entire family. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and away to the peace that can only be found in a Pacific North West forest or shoreline, you’ll want to head over to Dosewallips.

Water Activities


Clamming, crabbing, and oyster hunting are all activities you can enjoy while at Dosewallips. This is particularly fun for those who enjoy cooking, because you can catch your dinner, then cook it up! Just be sure to check with both local and state laws and follow all. Wildlife are fiercely protected in Washington, so make sure you have the proper licenses.

Beach Combing

driftwood on the beach

Beach combing is a great way to unwind. Comb the cool, sandy 5 mile shoreline and hunt for unique shells, neat rocks, and obtusely shaped driftwood. Whether you have something specific you’re looking for or are simply out to appreciate the beauty around you, you will find yourself at peace while on the shoreline.


With 5 miles of hiking trails, Dosewallips is not the park you want to go to if you plan to do a ton of hiking. But it is a great park for the casual hiker who is interested in exploring moss covered forest floors, towering trees, and wildlife viewing. In fact, there are several wildlife viewing platforms available to check out local animals.

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