Cricket Lightweight Trailers: Little Powerhouse Of Fun

Sometimes, we all just need a little magic in our lives–a little pop of color and happiness to make the day brighter. Well your magic is here, and it’s the Cricket Lightweight Trailers.


Check out this little powerhouse of fun! Built with a revolutionary design that makes its size completely irrelevant, the Cricket Sport is ready to go whenever wanderlust calls you.


I didn’t think it possible to use the words ‘equipped,’ ‘loaded,’ or ‘full of amenities,’ when talking about a compact trailer, but how’s this…Not only is this equipped ¬†trailer fully loaded and packed full of amenities, it also sleeps four! How’s that for impressive?

Easy to hitch, easy to pack, and easy to set-up, the Cricket Campers will be your go-to trailer for quick trips to the lake or cross-country journeys exploring the best coffee shops across the country. And with it’s lightweight and aerodynamic design, the TAXA Cricket Sport is easily towed by most 4-cylinder engines. The perfect trailer for first-time RVers and those with thousands of miles under the hood, the TAXA Cricket Sport is streamlined and effecient–perfect for getting back to why so many of us RV in the first place.


If the road is calling your name, then visit our Post Falls location to see the Cricket ¬†Lightweight Campers for yourself. It’s ready for you, are you ready for the adventure?

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