Coast to Coast Lifetime Warranty

When you shop with us, here at Blue Dog RV, you will find amazing RVs at amazing prices as well as an extra bit of comfort you can’t get anywhere else: our Coast to Coast Lifetime Warranty! With every purchase of a new recreational vehicle, you will automatically get a lifetime warranty at absolutely no cost to you. Let’s take a look at what comes with it!

Component Coverage

There are many systems and components to an RV that will need to be maintained in order to keep it running its best. And our Coast To Coast Warranty will take care of many of them such as:

  • Heating System including furnace igniter, gas valve, and thermostat
  • Suspension including leaf and coil springs and rubber suspension springs
  • Brakes including wheel cylinders, calipers, and electric brake magnets
  • Water System including electronic ignition and shower assembly
  • Kitchen Center including all appliances, in-sink disposal, and trash compactor
  • LP Gas including gas tanks, valves, and tank gauges
  • Roof and Basement A/C including blower fan, motor, compressor, and condenser
Lifetime Warranty
Save thousands with the no deductible warranty!

All of these systems will have very common repairs that need to be done, and by offering our lifetime warranty, we are making sure that you and your RV are taken care of with ease.

No Cost To You

The most amazing part of this warranty is that it costs you absolutely nothing. There is no purchase cost and no deductibles that you will be responsible for. All of the parts and labor will be completely paid for as long as you follow the maintenance requirements of the warranty agreement. Plus, you can use it anytime, anywhere with no time or mileage limits and nationwide coverage across the USA and Canada.

As you can see, our Coast to Coast Lifetime Warranty is a cut above the rest, so be sure to take a look at our new RVs to find one that will include this amazing benefit. To find out more, feel free to contact us or stop by any of our locations today!

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