Castle Rocks State Park: A Destination for 9,000 Years

Castle Rocks State Park is an absolutely stunning park located in Almo, Idaho. With activities for everyone, including hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, and more, this state park has actually been a destination for over 9,000 years. Evidence suggests that people have camped at Castle Rocks for that long and once you visit, you’ll see why people love it so much.

Castle Rocks State Park
748 East 2800 South
Almo, ID 83312

castle rocks in the spring
By Charles Knowles from Meridian Idaho, USA – Castle Rocks Spring, CC BY 2.0,


castle rocks trees
By Charles Knowles from Meridian Idaho, USA – Castle Rocks Idaho, CC BY 2.0,

With over 1,600 acres, this park is open year-round and promises exciting hiking to those of all skill levels. Trails are also available for biking and horseback riding. This time of year there are numerous winter activities to be enjoyed, including cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

There are loads of activities around the park that will help you step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new. Whether it’s a new sport or an activity you’ve always wanted to try, this part is sure to have it. Birding, wildflower and geology walks, climbing and Dutch oven cooking demonstrations, star gazing and snowshoeing in season, and First Time Adventure Programs are just a snapshot of what’s available to you.

Wildlife Viewing

This gorgeous park offers wildlife both in the air and on the ground. From large mammals to birds of prey, you’ll be dazzled by the spectacular wildlife that grace your presence at every angle. Mule Deer, Moose, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Sage Grouse, Pinyon Jay, and Virginia Warbler are just a few notable species you’ll want to keep your eye out for. And remember, always keep a safe distance from animals. Never feed or attempt to pet them.

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