5 Reasons to Choose an RV Over a Hotel When Traveling

There is just something about that feeling you get when you hit the open road in your very own RV. The freedom and the endless possibilities create an air of excitement and anticipation to not only get where you’re going but enjoy the journey. This experience is not one you will find cooped up in a hotel, that’s for sure. These days more and more people are choosing RVs over hotels for traveling and taking trips, and it’s easy to see why. Traveling in an RV can be cheaper, makes it easier to get up and just go, and so much more. Check out why it’s time to leave the hotel life behind and embrace your wanderlust by traveling in an RV.

1. Social Distancing at Its Finest

Social Distancing


In this day and age, being safe and socially distant is incredibly important. What better way to spend time with your family than by escaping from the masses into the mountains for a bit? Sometimes all you need to feel better is just to get away. Grab your family, pack up your bags, and start driving. At Blue Dog RV, we carry top-rated brands like Grand Design, with luxury models and features to make your journey as safe and comfortable as possible. Choose from added premium features such as a fireplace, outdoor kitchen and entertainment center, and more!

2. You Can Bring the Whole Family (Including Pets!)

Pet Friendly

Planning around hotel restrictions when it comes to your family and pets can just add on to the stress, and nobody has time for that. Finally, you can go on a trip with your family, friends, and even your pets! Because let’s be honest, they really are your fur children and you hate leaving them behind. It doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s to the beach, the mountains, or cruising the road to your favorite national park like the Grand Canyon, make sure you have everyone you love along for the ride.

3. Easier on Your Bank Account

RV View

When planning a trip and staying the night in hotels, it can quickly get pricey. The cost of staying in a hotel can start around $100.00 a night, if not more. When you start to factor in meals for you and your loved ones, pet fees, gas, and so on, you end up spending way more than you wanted to, and you haven’t even done anything fun yet! Let your money stretch as long as the road ahead of you, and take your next journey in a travel trailer, toy hauler, fifth wheel, or motorhome. With your RV, you can store all your luggage in one place, so everything you need is right at your fingertips. No more packing and unpacking! Save money on snacks and food with your RVs kitchen and cabinet space, where you can hide all those sweet treats.

4. Forget Continental Breakfast — Try a Breakfast Buffet Instead

RV Breakfast Food

It’s the same at every hotel you visit: a lackluster breakfast and spending way too much money eating out at restaurants. While it can have its moments, we can’t deny that staying the night in a hotel can be a huge waste of money. Not to mention that without a fridge or kitchen area, it can be a waste of food as well. Wake up to a beautiful and bright morning from the comfort of your RV. Cozy up in your breakfast nook with a hot cup of coffee, brewed just how you like it. A huge perk to traveling in an RV is being able to prepare and have everything you need, and that includes shopping for groceries to have a fully stocked kitchen. Save money on your next journey with a new or used RV from Blue Dog RV.

5. Truly Unforgettable Moments

RV Outdoor Movie

One of the best things about road tripping in an RV is the moments you get to experience with loved ones. Whether you’ve planned a 10-day trip or spontaneously decided to skip town for the weekend, each trip is unique and is sure to have lasting memories. Disconnect with social media and the world for a bit, and reconnect with your family and nature. Spend some time outdoors at the lake or go on an adventure and go hiking! Visit historical landmarks or just camp out and take it easy. Create your very own outdoor movie theater, or fire up the grill and make neighboring RVs jealous of your grilling prowess. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the choice is yours.

Find an RV for Your Next Adventure at Blue Dog RV

Staying in hotels offers certain little conveniences that you may not get when choosing to travel in an RV. However, choosing an RV over a hotel offers tons of benefits that hotels just can’t match. If you think RVing is the way to go for your next vacation, visit Blue Dog RV to find your next travel trailer, toy hauler, fifth wheel, or motorhome! We have locations in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, and Pennsylvania and can help you choose the perfect towable or motorized RV to prepare you for adventures for years to come. View our new RV or used RV inventory online now to get started!

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